Reader Interaction

What is your opinion on Pete Rose being inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame?

The debate has been going on for years about Pete Rose not yet being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but this weekend, he was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and also had his number retired by the team. What is your opinion on this turn of events?

Which part of the Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA championship stands out most?

The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first title in franchise history and ended a 52-year drought for a major professional sports title in the city Sunday, defeating the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, 93-89, in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

It was the third career NBA title and Finals MVP for Cavaliers superstar and Ohio native, LeBron James, whose triple-double in Game 7 helped the city win its first title since the Cleveland Browns captured the NFL championship in 1964.

What is your reaction to the mass shooting in Orlando?

Sunday's mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., has spurred a wave of varied responses from public officials to professional athletes. What is your reaction to the situation?

What will you remember Muhammad Ali for the most?

Boxing great and societal icon Muhammad Ali passed away Friday night in Arizona. His life intersected many aspects of our nation and world.

What will you remember Muhammad Ali for the most?

What are your thoughts on the death of Harambe the gorilla?

With Saturday's situation involving the death of Harambe the gorilla making national headlines, what are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think the zoo's staff handled the situation appropriately? How much responsibility do you think should fall on the parent of the child involved?

What are your Memorial Day plans?

With Memorial Day around the corner, many plan for a special outing, a local parade or travel plans. What are you planning on doing for Memorial Day?

What did you do special for your mom for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day has came and went, and we want to know what you did for your mom. Did you give her a gift or do something special for her?

Are you doing anything special for National Day of Prayer?

National Day of Prayer is set for Thursday, and we would like to know if you are doing anything special. Let us know what your plans are, whether it's attending a public service or one at a local church, or something else.

Which celebrity death has greatly affected you?

With the recent string of celebrity death's this year, which one has most greatly affected you and why?

What is your best memory of prom?

With prom coming up this weekend, it's the perfect time to reflect on those prom memories we have from high school. What is your best memory of prom?