Mums, pansies, black-eyed Susans, decorative kale, and Creeping Jenny vines are flowers and plants selected by Minster-based florist Keaton Topp to create a floral arrangement in a chocolate-colored wicker basket, because of their hearty ability to survive the cooler, fall temperatures before a freeze, when he and Stacey Brackeny, of Five Vines Winery, located at 12179 Buckland Holden Road in Wapakoneta, hosted a fall container garden workshop this past week. 

“We have a lasting partnership with Keaton,” said Brackney. “We’ve done five or six workshops with him now. He came to us two years ago and wanted to do some events. We did a spring one, putting together a bouquet. We did a couple of winter ones making wreaths. He had some time when he wasn’t doing weddings so he did another workshop here.” 

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