Zombies to invade Wapakoneta again

Zombies are set to invade Wapakoneta for the second straight year this weekend.
The walking dead return for the second Wapakoneta Zombie Walk, sponsored by the KAPOW (Kids are Priority of Wapakoneta) Club, as they traverse Auglaize Street before dusk on Saturday.
“I think what will make the second annual Zombie Walk exciting is the people who showed up and had a good time last year return and that by word of mouth from them we will increase our numbers,” KAPOW Club President Mark Selvaggio said. “We also have a Zombie Walk Facebook page and we have had quite a few people join the Facebook page and those people may join us.”
The walk starts at 5:30 p.m. from Heritage Park, the park behind downtown Wapakoneta stores.
Selvaggio said people who join can expect to have a lot of fun walking around downtown like zombies and the donation they make to the club, typically $1, is given to the local DARE program.
DARE officer Sam Blank, who participated last year, is expected to join the walk as one of the zombies.
Wapakoneta Middle School Assistant Principal Wes Newland and Blank have worked hard to inform the students about the walk, Selvaggio said, so he hopes a lot of WMS students participate in the event.
Newland promised several out-of-towners plan to attend this weekend’s event.
For the path of the Zombie Walk, Selvaggio said participants walk down one side of Auglaize Street between South Blackhoof Street and Park Street and return down the other side. They then return to Heritage Park, where Wapakoneta Zombie Walk shirts are awarded to a few walkers. The shirts also can be purchased from KAPOW Club members.
Selvaggio said the walkers were not the only ones enjoying the walk.
While the participants joked and had fun, passers-by and local shop owners also reveled in the walk.
“It was fun to see people laughing and waving at the walkers and some people in cars actually stopped and got out to watch us walk,” Selvaggio said. “Others came out of the businesses downtown to watch.
“People would beep their horns at us and make funny faces,” he said. “I really had a good time. It was a lot of fun walking downtown, dressed up, acting goofy and trying to scare people.”