Youth plans to help people through art

A local adult is taking her passion for art to a whole new level.

Twenty-one year old Allison Venturella, of Wapakoneta, is currently studying art education at Bowling Green State University.

But instead of wanting to teach in a traditional school, she wants to use her knowledge to give kids a second chance.

“I really want to reach out to kids and help kids,” Allison said. “Some kids are really good in literature, some in sports and some learn by working with their hands. Whether it is sculpting clay or something thing else, I want to help these kids through art.”

Allison said she wants to work with children who need second chances.

“I taught some art lessons at a juvenile detention center,” Allison said. “A lot of times people will label these students as bad students, but they are not. They are great kids.”

The 2009 Wapakoneta High School graduate noted these are the students who need attention, and she wants to help them learn through art, and help get them back on their feet.

Talking about what her dream job would be, the daughter of Barb and Sam Venturella said it would be to travel and teach art lessons.

“I want to teach art lessons to all types of people who have all different types of backgrounds,” Allison said. “I want to learn about art in their community and bring it to the next community.”

Allison said she may come back to Wapakoneta one day, if so, she hopes to bring diverse experiences back to the city.

She wants to use her talents and teach and continue learning through art.

“To be a part of something good with art is a dream come true,” Allison said.

This fall as Allison enters her fourth year of college, she will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

“I have always wanted to go to Italy,” Allison said. “I want to go there to see the Renaissance art.”

Allison noted Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and she is looking forward to studying that along with the Italian language.

This will be Allison’s first time traveling out of the country, and she is excited to go.

In the meantime, Allison is working at the Wapakoneta WaterPark during her summer. This is will be her fifth year as a concessioner and office employee.

Allison shared her art skills with the visitors to the pool by hosting a face painting station during the “Carnival Day” on Wednesday.

“This is a fun environment to work in,” Allison said. “Work is something I look forward to everyday.”

When Allison is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and traveling to visit her twin sister, Brittany, when she can.

Allison said she enjoyed growing up in Wapakoneta.

“It’s a small town and there’s nothing like home,” Allison said, “and there’s nothing like knowing people.”