Wright crowned champ, to play tonight

Wapakoneta native Alex Wright is advancing to the next round, as he will be the returning champion on Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy.

Wright ended the game with a final cash amount of $25,600, winning by $1,600, against a contestant who also got the Final Jeopardy question correct and started the final round with more money.    

“It feels great,” Wright said of the results. “The first game was so well played by all of the contestants.”

Wright excelled in the Double Jeopardy round on Monday’s show, by receiving both Daily Doubles, which put him in the lead.

Wright wagered $10,000 when answering a Final Jeopardy question about “Movie Directors.” The Final Jeopardy question was “On visiting

See CHAMP, Page 5A

RKO in 1939, he described the studio as “the biggest electric train set any boy ever had.”

The answer to the question was director-actor Orson Welles.

During the Jeopardy round, Wright received a reduction in his total for answering a question wrong, but producers of the show reviewed his answer and he was credited with answering the question correctly. The answer judges were looking for was “squeamish.” Wright answer “squeasy” which also was correct.

His total Monday beat the other two contestants so he advances to the next round.

Tune in tonight to see Wright compete again as the returning champion on Jeopardy.