Workers repair water main

City workers on Thursday completed repairs on a water main that broke on the 100 block of  South Wood Street on Wednesday, which caused flooding as far east as Middle Pike and as far south as Bellefontaine Street.

At about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday a pipe shattered causing three feet of water to flood the streets. The Wapakoneta Water Treatment Department was dispatched to the scene, shutting down two valves on Middle Street and Bellefontaine Street.

“It appears that the water main was laying on a piece of concrete for a long time and it put stress on the pipe, causing it to shatter longways,” Water Treatment 3 Operator Mike Miller said yesterday.

Miller said it was a 12-inch water main break that was split 15 feet long.

After shutting down both water valves, all floodwater was drained into the sewer system located on South Wood Street. On Thursday, members of the water treatment department had to dig a large hole in the middle of the street to fix the sewer system where the water had drained.

Residents near the area where the break occurred were not without water access long, as workers were able to utilize the old water main located on the opposite side of S. Wood Street.

The damaged water main was fixed and the hole was filled Thursday, but Miller said he does not know how long it will take to re-asphalt the road.

South Wood Street is now open to all traffic.