Woman offers personalized kitchen services

Coming home to a meal on the table or ready to be put in the oven can be a real treat, especially during the chaotic holiday season with parties, sporting events and everyday life to consider. Instead of resorting to frozen dinners or the drive-thru line, Kim Lee presents another option.
Lee has made her services as a personal kitchen assistant available. Lee’s daytime gig is as the cook at LouAnne’s TeaSpot. Lee is known for her healthy luncheons and high teas as well as her scrumptious desserts, all made with the freshest ingredients.
“I have always really had a love for cooking,” Lee said. “It’s a way of using my creative side. I love art, but can’t really draw or paint, so instead I create works of art that you can eat.”
“Nothing makes me happier than something that looks good and tastes good.
The types of services Lee can offer as a personal kitchen assistant can range from anything like coming in and preparing an entire meal for a holiday party to doing the prep work for someone hosting a family gathering. Lee can also come in to help make meals for the week for a busy family to reheat.
“If you work all week and spend most evenings and all weekend at swim meets or basketball games, having a quick, hot meal in 15 minutes or less is a blessing,” Lee said. “You can tell me what you want for the week and I can do all the shopping and get things separated and repackaged for individual meals.
Or you can come home and I have dinner already in the oven for you.”
The possibilities are endless and can work for anyone with any family size. Lee’s services are ideal for elderly couples or those going through rehabilitation from an injury or an illness.
“It helps when family members are reassured that their loved ones are getting nutritious meals every night,” Lee said. “They don’t have to worry as much.”
Lee said her services could even come in the form of coming into a home for a cooking class party complete with individual recipe cards and the ingredients ready to be mixed up. The lessons could cover anything from how to make simple, delicious muffins to the safe way to use a knife.
“I want to help people be self-sufficient,” Lee said. “I still have fun in my own kitchen, and I want to help other people realize they don’t have to rely on processed foods for good, quick meals when there are healthier options out there.”
Not only does Lee have experience cooking for both small and large groups, she also is OSHA certified to help make your experience with her in your kitchen not just healthy and tasty, but also safe.
“It makes sense to do this since I have my evenings and weekends free, and I just get so much joy out of helping others enjoy cooking like I do,” Lee said. “Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore.”
To discuss the possibility of Lee coming in to your home to help take the stress out of cooking, give her a call at 937-658-2186.