WMS student enjoys school, dancing and reading

A Wapakoneta Middle School seventh-grader says she enjoys all aspects of schools.
Thirteen-year-old Cassidy Hughes enjoys the social time with her friends and also the academic part and being challenged in her classes.
“I like everything about school,” Cassidy said. “I like hanging out with my friends and I’m interested in learning.”
Cassidy said she enjoys many subjects, including language arts, science and social studies.
“I like to read and writing,” the student said. “I read a lot.”
When asked what her favorite book was, Cassidy could not pin-point just one.
“I read so much, that I have a ton of favorite books,” Cassidy said.
In her language arts class, students receive points for books they read, and Cassidy said the points can range from one-half point for a small book to as many as 20 points for a larger book.
Currently, Cassidy has 227.6 points this year, and last year she said she had the most points overall in her grade.
Science is another favorite of Cassidy’s because one day she would like to study forensic science.
“I like science because I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up,” Cassidy said. “I like watching NCIS and Criminal Minds.”
Cassidy has looked at a couple different colleges, but says it is hard to find colleges with her specific interest of study, but she said Ohio University is an option, because they have a program in forensic science.
In school, Cassidy is an office helper during her intervention time, and her job duties include running homework requests and finding out what homework an absent student missed, making copies and getting students from their classroom when they are needed in the office.
During this time, she occasionally runs into her younger brother Curtis, who is a fifth-grader at Wapakoneta Middle School.
“Sometimes I see him when I go into his classroom to get a student,” Cassidy said.
The daughter of Wendy and Lowell Hughes also has two older sisters, Tiffany and Kaitlyn.
Cassidy is currently in her 10th year of dancing at The Dance Centre in Wapakoneta.
“I started when I was three or four,” Cassidy said. “My mom danced for The Dance Centre when she was a kid.”
Cassidy has taken classes including hip hop, tumbling, jazz and lyrical, and when it comes to performance time, Hughes said she does not get nervous at.
“I like to dance and spending time doing something with my friends,” Cassidy said.
Another hobby of hers is art.
“I really like to draw,” Cassidy said. “I scored into the gifted program in art.”
She enjoys working with clay and ceramics and also drawing and sketching objects.
“I’m lucky because I can take art as a freshman in high school because of the gifted art class,” Cassidy said.