Wind farm project talks set

Staff Writer
Buckland area and rural residents in the surrounding townships will have the chance to get more information on the possibility of a renewable energy plant being built in the area.
U.S. Mainstream Renewable Power Inc., headquartered in Chicago, recently completed preliminary studies for the project, which would have portions in the village, as well as parts of Duchouquet, Logan and Moulton townships.
“We thought now was the time to let people in the public get involved and get their input,” Buckland Mayor Dan Lambert.
The meeting to discuss the project is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Buckland Community Center.
Mainstream will continue to conduct further and more in-depth analysis through 2012. The company will look at determining wind speeds and thee overall feasibility for the development of a wind generation project in the area.
Size of the plant, numbers of jobs created or the amount of energy that could be produced have not been estimated yet as the company continues its feasibility studies.
The U.S. company is managed internationally by Mainstream, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. They have established wind and solar energy plants in eight countries on four continents.
“Right now we just want to get information out to thee public so they can give us feedback,” Lambert said.
“We want to hear if their are any concerns from people in Buckland or the surrounding townships.”