WFD releases year-end statistics

Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

The Wapakoneta Fire Department had a busy 2018, even if you don’t count the end of the year fire at the former Koneta Hotel.

Department records show there was a record number of calls in 2018 — 1,859 in total. Of those, 1,557 were for emergency services while 302 were fire-related.

"Less than 10 years ago we were under 1,000 calls,” Mayor Tom Stinebaugh, a former member of the department, said.

He accepts there is an aging population that contributes to higher numbers, but as mayor said he is concerned about how those numbers stress the department.

The mayor said late-night calls could be avoided by going to see a doctor when there is an issue. He also said department members know what they are in for when they sign up, but it is now rare that they sleep through the night. The average used to be three calls a day; now it is more than five.

Wapakoneta Fire Chief Tony Stinebaugh said the deceiving part of those numbers is that the number of calls can...

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