Waynesfield meeting canceled

WAYNESFIELD — The regularly scheduled Waynesfield Village Council meeting was canceled Monday night after four board members were unable to attend due to reported  health issues.

Councilors Bill Motter, Sharon Ewing, Dick Hardin and Glen Valenti called Mayor Mike Ridenour within a half hour of the meeting informing him they would be absent.

“Some had health issues, some had wives with health issues, but that’s all we know at this point,” Ridenour said.

The meeting has not yet been rescheduled.

Monday’s meeting was to be the first since Motter, Ewing, Hardin and Valenti voted to eliminate the position of village administrator in favor of a board of public affairs.

Since that time the decision has come under fire from some Waynesfield residents. Ridenour said a group of citizens have filed a referendum and a petition that would allow the decision of whether or not to eliminate the village administrator position to come to a vote among village residents.

Ridenour said due to time constraints the issue will not be on the ballot this November. Instead, villagers will have to wait another 15 months until the next November election to vote on the matter.

While the referendum is in place, Ridenour said there would be “no activity” when it comes to appointing members to a board of public affairs.

Ridenour said it is “very possible” Village Administrator Fred Rowe will continue to serve in his current position until a vote is taken in November 2015.

“I personally still have a village to run, and we have projects going on that need somebody to be there on a daily basis,” Ridenour said. “Fred has agreed to stay on, so that’s where we’re at.”