WaterPark rates to increase

Daily and seasonal membership rates for the Wapakoneta WaterPark are going up this summer, but city administrators say this is offset by the fact the pool season also is going to be longer.

Wapakoneta City Recreation Board members approved a recommendation made by the Wapakoneta WaterPark Pool Advisory Committee to increase daily fees by $1 and the seasonal  membership fee for a family by $25.

“The daily admission rates have not been increased for two years so we thought it was time,” Recreation Director Jack Hayzlett told the Wapakoneta Daily News after Monday’s Recreation Board meeting. “We also feel we have, if not the best in the area, one of the best pools in northwest Ohio. We feel visiting the WaterPark is comparable to going to a movie and paying $7 or $8 to spend a couple of hours to watch a film, while it is only $6 for the whole day here.

“As far as the season passes, we have not increased the pass rate for the past four years and again we feel the $125 for a family of four is not out of line with the area competition,” he said. “Since we think we have the best water park in the area in our opinion, we feel it is a great value for the entire family.”

According to Hayzlett’s research, the city of Delphos charges $195 for a season pass and the city of St. Marys charges $110.

The adult daily pass increased to $6 from $5, a student daily pass increased to $5 from $4, while the toddler daily fee stayed the same at $2. The family season pass increased to $125 from $100, the individual adult season pass increased to $55 from $50 and the student season pass increased to $40 from $35.

Hayzlett said this summer should be the longest season in the Wapakoneta WaterPark’s four year history with 100 days on schedule, barring inclement weather. Last summer consisted of 81 days.

The increased rates do not affect party rentals with two hours still costing $250 and three hours still costing $300.

Hayzlett noted the pool will close at 4:30 p.m. on June 11, 18, 25 and July 9 for swim meets hosted by the Wapakoneta Wahoos.

Hayzlett said the increases may be necessary to balance the pool’s budget. Wapakoneta city administrators have estimated revenues for 2012 at $216,550, with a decrease in membership fees to $105,000 from $177,000. Revenues in 2011 totaled $247,968.

Wapakoneta WaterPark expenses are expected to climb to $264,000 from $247,080. The largest increases are in supervisory salaries climbing to $30,000 from $22,368 and nonsupervisory salaries climbing to $80,000 from $71,467.

The pool fund has a cash carryover of $53,913.

The Recreation Department Fund has a cash carryover of $16,681 with receipts totaling $176,900. The amount includes a $60,000 transfer from the general fund.

Expected expenditures for the department total $193,200. Personnel expenses account for $74,000, of that amount with park improvements costing $40,000.

“You have to keep in mind the Finance Committee has a tendency to make revenues a little light and expenditures a little heavy,” Safety-Service Director Bill Rains said, explaining the deviation from the past. “The Recreation Fund is a little anemic because there are expenditures to pay back  to the Electric Fund for the purchase of the property.

“The budget is a little tight and we know this year was going to particularly tough,” he said. “We have to realize not a lot is going to go on in regard to park improvements.”