Wapak office lends an ear

A Fort Wayne businessman decided to locate his third office in Wapakoneta to help people communicate with the people they love.

Ted Blanford, originally from Temperance, Mich. and a U.S. military veteran, opened Summit Hearing Solutions at 10 W. Main St. to test individual’s hearing as well as to test, clean, adjust and repair hearing instruments. They also have peripherals such as batteries and wax guards.

He said he opened an office in Wapakoneta for several reasons.

“The location is geographically centralized and quite frankly I wasn’t sure about it until I met Bob,” Blanford said of local attorney Bob Wiesenmayer, who is renting him the office space. “There has been literally no one who has not been friendly. I also believe our style of business can add to the quality of life to this community and surrounding areas.”

The office, which opened on Monday, is manned by hearing practitioner Marcus Young and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday and evenings by appointment. The telephone number is 567-356-5330.

The office focuses on patient care, Blanford said, and offers hearing aid technology available through Audibel.

Blanford’s business philosophy is modeled after the time he spent in the U.S. military, which included three tours of duty in Iraq. While he wanted to and eventually did serve on a helicopter, he eventually studied at George Washington University School of Medicine Laboratory Science.

“It is something more that we can do to serve,” the former master sergeant said. “It is in my DNA make-up to be able to give something more that what people expect and with hearing we can change people’s lives in that respect.”

Blanford said he understands the importance of providing the solution that the patient needs and wants. He has offices in Fort Wayne, Ind. and Columbia City, Ind.

He first became interested in helping people hear after reading a small advertisement in a newspaper. Contemplating a decision in pharmaceutical sales, he visited his parents for advice.

When he realized they had trouble hearing him, he thought about the advertisement. He answered it and said he has never looked back since that day.

“I went to a licensing school and got licensed,” said Blanford, who now has more than 13 years of hearing health experience. “I’ve always wanted to open my own company, I wanted to do service people appropriately and I wanted to help people hear.

“I believe it is a like a pebble in a pond — it is not just the patient that is affected it affects everyone that person comes in contact with, they are affected by that person I have been able to help,” he said. “It helps that person communicate better and touches everyone that person comes in contact with — it binds them closer together.”