Wait 'til the sun shines

Since the beginning of January, there haven't been many days where the streets of Wapakoneta were completely cleared of snow and ice.

Employees of the Wapakoneta Public Works department have been working overtime to make sure the streets are all treated with salt, beet juice and sand. These materials can only do so much, and the streets won't be completely cleared until the sun starts to melt the snow and ice.

This poses a problem for downtown Wapakoneta in particular, because it sees much less sunlight than other areas due to the shadows from tall buildings that surround its streets.

"The biggest problem with downtown is that it won't see sun again until May," Wapakoneta Safety-Service Director Bill Rains said. "The streets never get warmed up like the others do, and that has a huge impact on how that material breaks up."

While the Public Works Department cannot control the sun, they can take the necessary steps to treat and clear the streets of downtown.

For the full story, see the Saturday, Feb. 15 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.