WACF gains trustee

The newest trustee appointed to serve on the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation is fulfilling her late mother-in-law’s last term.
Denise Wintzer is to serve for Mary Alice Wintzer, one of the board’s original members since 1989, through her term’s expiration on Oct. 31, 2015.
While Denise Wintzer said no one can replace her mother-in-law, she was looking forward to the position and its ability to allow her to give back to her community.
Larry Tester, who serves as the foundation’s executive director, said the younger Wintzer came highly recommended.
“She knows a lot of people in town and she knows a lot of people at the schools,” Tester said of the decision to appoint Denise Wintzer to the board. “The idea is for the trustees we get to know a lot of people and help us grow. It takes people spreading the word.”
Tester said he hoped by getting people such as Wintzer, who was born and grew up in the city and then returned to Wapakoneta to raise her family, involved they can continue to build the organization.
“Fifteen years from now we anticipate that the foundation will be valued at more than $1.5 million,” Tester said of the importance of getting the right leadership on board.
Denise Wintzer and her husband, Carl, have three grown children — Marc, Sarah and Julie — two of whom still live in Wapakoneta. The mother of three said she remained active through her children’s youth following their activities and was looking for something else with which to get involved while continuing to help her special needs daughter reach her full potential.
A graduate of Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green State University and Tiffin University with two bachelor’s degrees and a masters degree in education, Denise Wintzer spent time serving as the physical director of services at the Findlay YMCA.
A member of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Wintzer served 10 years on the Wapakoneta YMCA Board of Directors in positions that included secretary, vice president and president and was active in the original capital building campaign. She also volunteers for God’s Storehouse.
“I was looking for something to do and I feel very fortunate to have been asked,” Wintzer said of her new position as a trustee for the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation. “I want to help make a positive contribution for our community and school system.”
Still learning on the job, Wintzer already has been active in her appointment to the scholarship committee. The Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation offers 30 different scholarships totaling $48,000 to local students annually with new scholarships added each year.
Wintzer said her position on the committee has been particularly fulfilling as she has seen the help the foundation is able to provide in allowing students to attend college and pay their expenses.
Each of the foundation’s 13 trustees have six-year terms and they serve at meetings held every other month.
Tester said they continue to work to build an unrestricted fund to help the foundation grow in other areas to meet community needs as well as to spread the message that they can help set up scholarships and funds at no cost to the donor.