W-G seniors have their day

Ethan Miller, left, Audra Meeks, center, and Jaden Maxwell, right, wait to receive their diplomas at Waynesfield-Goshen High School on Sunday during the 2018 Commencement Ceremony.
Staff Writer

Thirty-nine Waynesfield-Goshen seniors took a step into the future during the High School's Commencement Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

With friends and family gathered in the gymnasium to join in the celebration, the students finally got their hands on their diplomas, and got some helpful advice for the next chapter in their lives, from both faculty and their classmates.

Principal Becky Diglia shared one last thought with her students during her final commencement address at W-G, as she's officially retiring next month.

"I think of each of you in two ways, as a member of the W-G Class of 2018, and as an individual. Each of you has been a part of this class in your own unique way, with your own interests, talents and dreams," she said. "Each of you will now move on and become a member of a bigger group whether it's in the workforce, in the groups you join in college, or for some of you, you might choose to enter a branch of the military."

"My hope," she added, "is that you will choose to count the many blessings you have had for being a part of the Waynesfield-Goshen Class of 2018."

She left the class of 2018, which is sending 36 students to college, with...

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