W-G hosts day with the arts

WAYNESFIELD — A new twist on Waynesfield-Goshen Local Schools’ career day proved to be an overwhelming success Friday at the school.

After a career day was held in the morning, several classrooms hosted presentations of a variety of skills and were well-received by student for its first annual “A Day With the Arts.”

“This is the first year we have hosted this kind of an event,” school technology coach Leah Fullenkamp said. “It has been well-received by the students. They were having a good time.”

Fullenkamp said many of the presentations showed forgotten skills, such as cross-stitching, crocheting, and quilting. Many other presentations also were available, from wood carving to to double dutch, from silk art to photography, and from quick snacks to hip hop dance.

Students were allowed to pick four different presentations to attend during the event. Students had 26 presentations to choose from.

“We have always done a career day in the past, but a lot of people have forgotten the arts,” Fullenkamp said. “A lot of kids don’t realize what goes into making a blanket or taking a picture.

Fullenkamp said the most popular presentations included the martial arts and beauty presentations. The presentations were put on by a variety of local business owners, teachers, musicians and other experts in the fields.

The day closed with a dramatized program presented by Wapakoneta High School students on bullying.