W-G to expand policy on open enrollment

WAYNESFIELD — The Waynesfield-Goshen School District will soon expand its policy on accepting open-enrollment students.

Superintendent Chris Pfister recommended Waynesfield-Goshen Board of Educationmembers accept open-enrollment students statewide. Board members seemed to be unanimous with the recommendation.

Pfister, who formerly had been superintendent at Apollo in Lima, told the board members while there the school managed to attract finances to the district without experiencing any increased costs.

“I see all upsides and no downsides,” Pfister said.

School board members had no resistance to the proposal and in fact were surprised that the district did not have a statewide acceptance policy in place yet. Board members discussed the issue early last year and thought they had put the policy in place. However, according to district records, the policy was never adopted.

“We discussed this last year and I thought we had put that policy in place,” board member Jeff Schultz said.

Pfister said he would review board records and if the policy was not in place, an official policy would be prepared for the board to vote on at the February meeting.

Board members discussed a school and community-wide logo design contest that is currently being discussed with the Athletic Boosters.

The school district has no official logo, and the two entities plan to sponsor a contest where community members and students will be able to submit entries. A winner will be chosen from all the entries as the district’s official logo and a prize of approximately $100 will be offered to the winner.

Purchase of wall pads for the gymnasium was put on hold while the details of the contest are decided on and a winner is chosen.