W’field drug bust: New K-9 helps in car stop

The newest member of the Waynesfield Police Department has made his first bust exactly two weeks after beginning work.
Yukon, the department’s recently acquired drug sniffing dog, sniffed out a 34 grams of marijuana, some drug paraphernalia and $8,040 cash during a routine traffic stop at 7:08 p.m. Friday night.
“I am very happy with Yukon’s work,” Police Chief Nathan Motter said. “Exactly two weeks after we certified as a K-9 team, to come across a find like this is very rewarding.”
Daniel V. Conrad, 21, of Lima, was pulled over after failing to properly display his license plate and failure to illuminate his taillights, according to the incident report. He was charged for both traffic violations, and drug charges are pending upon completion of the investigation.
“The bottom line is if you bring illegal drugs into our community, we are eventually going to catch you,” Motter said. “I hope the community realizes that we are aggressively fighting the drug problem and that there is more going through Waynesfield than most will ever realize.”
Motter said he sensed something wrong immediately after the traffic stop due to body language of the motorist and two passengers in the car.
Motter immediately let them know he was going to search the car.
Motter said all occupants were cooperative.
Zachary Voultos, 18, and a minor, both of Lima, were passengers in the car. Both were released at the scene.