Voters urged to update information

Auglaize County election officials are urging citizens to register to vote or update their existing voter information as soon as possible.

“This year is a unique year for elections in Ohio,” Auglaize County Elections Board Director Carolyn Campbell. “Each registered voter in the state will be receiving an application to vote by mail. However, in order to receive the application, our Board of Elections must have a voter’s current registration information.”

The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office is sending vote-by-mail applications to every voter in Ohio. At the end of July, all 88 counties are to submit voter rolls to the state to aid in the mailing, so voters need to have up-to-date information on file with the Elections Board prior to that.

While there are plans for a supplemental mailing to go out closer to the election, voters will receive an ample amount of time to complete the application if they are registered prior to the end of July.

Under Ohio law, only votes cast in the correct precinct can be counted, so it is imperative that Election Boards have current information for each voter.

“Having clean voter rolls is essential to running good elections, and we are asking for every voter to help us with this task,” Campbell said. “Having up-to-date voter information not only helps us at the Board of Elections, it also greatly increases the chance that every vote legally cast will be counted.”

Auglaize County has 31,058 registered voters.

Campbell said each month they receive a report from the state with names of deceased voters so they can be removed from the system. If someone registers in another county in Ohio, the system flags that voter and they can be deleted.

“Otherwise, we have no way of knowing when someone moves or changes their name unless they fill out a new voter registration form to update the information,” Campbell said.