Vision of the future

During a ceremony to honor the first participants in a joint private-public downtown Wapakoneta building program, the city’s mayor challenged Wapakoneta City Council to find more money for the fledgling program.
The Downtown Wapakoneta Partnership (DWP) hosted an event Thursday in the Wapakoneta Area Chamber of Commerce Heritage Room to recognize the first six property owners taking advantage of the matching grants available through the Façade Improvement Program.
“For all the council members who are here, I would take the success of this program as a challenge to come up with a little more money for next year,” Mayor Rod-
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ney Metz said. “That is food for thought for the councilors, and I would like to take this opportunity to most definitely thank the property owners and the building owners because it would not have done us any good to be a cooperating partner in the program if you were not willing to participate.”
For more information, see the Friday, Nov. 8 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.