Village gets loan for new system

BUCKLAND — In the only major action taken Tuesday, Buckland Village Council members voted to accept a loan in anticipation of building a new sewer system for the village at its council meeting.
The village has been in talks with Rural Community Assistance Program consultant Julie Ward after learning that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was mandating them to begin plans to update the sewer system. Currently, each resident has independently-operated septic tanks.
The village will build a centrally-tied sewer system once final plans are made.
Village officials held a public meeting June 28 to answer questions, which was well-attended with more than 70 people. Mayor Dan Lambert said people had a lot of questions.
“Overall the meeting went very well,” Lambert said. “There were some questions but I think most people realized it was something we had to do. I think they basically know we had no choice.”
The loan to start work on the project was for $24,500, of which the village must pay back half.
Councilors discussed a potential eight-year plan for the project during the June council meeting, including residents to begin paying approximately a $20 per month charge before completion of the project to lower the monthly payment for the project to approximately $40 to $50 later.