Twins aren’t the same, but enjoy having each other

Twins Abbie and Allie McGaughy are glad they have each other, but both admit they are different.

“We don’t look the exact same,” Abbie said.

Abbie has long, blond hair and is the taller of the two. She describes herself as more of a tomboy, who likes to do karate and play basketball. She likes to wear jeans. She likes to read scary books and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

Allie has shorter, darker hair and wears glasses. She is a girly girl, who wears dresses and likes pink and purple. She prefers playing the iPad to playing sports. She likes vampire movies and loves Justin Bieber.

Abbie said as they have gotten older, some of their interests started growing apart.

The blue-eyed cuties celebrated their eighth birthday Friday at Astro Lanes with friends. They ate pizza and each had their own cake. Abbie, the animal lover, chose a safari theme, while Allie wanted Oreos on her cake. Their parents made candy sushi for them to bring to school to share with their friends.

“Mmmmmm, it’s good,” Allie said. “We got to try it last night because our mom wanted our mouths to be shut.”

With it being pizza day at school and with pizza on the birthday menu that night, Allie said it was an extra good day.

They expected to get an iPad as a present, since they keep getting on their mother’s and they are excited that they can download anything.

“As long as it is free,” Abbie said reminding her sister, Allie.

The second-graders don’t mind sharing their birthday, in fact Abbie for the last couple years has left a special present that she hides for her sister from the “birthday fairy.” This year, she left two, one of which Allie still hadn’t found before school.

“I’m just being nice,” Abbie said of why she hides the gifts.

The daughters of Bethany and Corey McGaughy also have a younger brother, Connor, 1, who they can’t wait to turn 5 or 6 so they can take a family trip to Disneyland.

They said they have to wait so “Connor can remember it.”

Both girls play soccer, a sport their father has helped coach in the past, and are members of Girl Scouts.

At home, Abbie and Allie play Barbies and wrestle. They share a room, so sometimes it is necessary to compromise. For example, they may listen to a Taylor Swift CD all the way through first, but then they always put in a Justin Bieber CD afterward.

For “Be a Book Day” at the school Friday, Abbie dressed as Swift, while Allie dressed as Selena Gomez, Bieber’s one-time girlfriend.

Of course, Allie said they do fight sometimes, and when they do, they fight over “everything.”

No matter what their differences may be, Abbie said it is good having a twin because she doesn’t have to play by herself.

“I like it for the same thing,” Allie said chiming in.

For Abbie, who wants to be a veterinarian, living in a home with two dogs, two cats and 32 fish and other aquatic life in a tank in their family room, is perfect. The girls have named each of the creatures, from snails and crawdads to a blue lobster and a gar. Well, they haven’t named the lobster yet, Abbie said.

First, they have to agree on what to call it, and so far, they haven’t had any luck.

They keep a SpongeBob house in the tank, but the fish keep burying it and they had to switch from gravel to sand after one fish in particular kept moving the rocks.

“They are fun to watch,” said the girls, who feed the aquatic life an assortment of krill, bloodworms, little shrimp, feeder fish and pellets every other night.

By the time they wake up in the morning, all the food is gone, except maybe one or two floating heads.

Allie may like cats, but she isn’t into animals as much as her sister and plans to take care of children when she gets older.

“When I am 13, I am going to start my babysitting job,” Allie said, mapping out all her plans.

“I like kids,” said said matter-of-factly.