Tree group organizes in Cridersville

CRIDERSVILLE — A new group has been reinstated in an area village, and its members plan to give recommendations to help beautify their village.
A few residents in Cridersville came together to re-organize the Cridersville Tree Commission.
The members of this group will come together and research and recommend ways to beautify their village, especially concerning the tree lawn on Main Street in the village.
“We used to have a Tree Commission,” Mayor Lorali Myers said Monday after the Cridersville Village Council meeting. “An interest was created because of a decision to cut down trees on Main Street.”
Cridersville administrators recently halted the tree removal on Main Street. The village has received many concerns with the project, so they held a special public meeting to discuss the issue earlier this month, and members of the village stepped up to re-create a tree commission group for the village.
The group will discuss, research and propose ideas on what to do about the trees in the village, and then present their ideas to the village. They also will work on and recommend ideas for the future, concerning the tree lawn in the village.
This group will look at the situation of each tree in the village and will give their recommendations on whether to keep an existing tree or have it culled.
The Cridersville Tree Commission consists of Ken Dreitzler, Mike Herbst, Karen Metzger, Charisse Zuppardo and Stacey Myers Cook.
Last week, the group met with Stephanie Miller, regional urban forester from the Ohio Department of National Resources Division of Forestry.
“The meeting was very informative with Stephanie Miller speaking about the role of a tree commission, what urban forestry is, and how we could go about transitioning the Main Street tree lawn with other species of trees in the coming years,” Myers Cook said.
The group has discussed the immediate needs of the tree lawn in Main Street and have recommended to council that the remaining pink flowering crabapple trees that produce the large red fruit be removed.
The group researched and mentioned that there are 10 of those type of trees currently located in the village.
They also recommended that the two pear trees that have been damaged in recent storms should be removed.
“The Tree Commission believes that the removal of the designated trees will make a marked improvement for walkers and homeowners on the Main Street corridor,” Myers Cook said.
They recommend that the remaining trees in the Main Street tree lawn stay, as they will continue to monitor them in the upcoming months to see if further action should be taken.
“This is an opportunity for us to be apart of a local forestry group,” Myers said.
The advice of Miller will be beneficial to the group as they continue to look for ways to beautify the community while being conscious of the village’s budget
“This is a multi-year project,” Myers Cook said.
Miller is the go-to person for advice on planting design, tree purchasing and tree planting, along with other topics that may arise.
“I really look forward to working with you all through the years,” Miller said, in a written statement to the commission members.
“The Cridersville Tree Commission will continue to work with Stephanie Miller on the Main Street tree lawn project,” Myers Cook said. “Miller is very excited about being able to offer her services through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. We, as a commission and members of the community, welcome all the resources available to us.”
Miller will share her knowledge on the topic with commission members, and they work as a team to share ideas, monitor the area and recommend ways to make the village beautiful.
The Cridersville Tree Commission scheduled their next meeting for 7 p.m. on Thursday at the Cridersville Village Hall to elect officers and begin the planning of the multi-phase project. The public is invited to attend.