Tree dedicated to local animals

The Auglaize County Humane Society’s annual Christmas tree, previously located at Harrison Insurance, has been moved to Gild the Lily on Auglaize Street in Wapakoneta.
The tree is filled with “letters of love” — Christmas cards with donations dedicated to pets who have been “loved and lost” and have remained in their owners’ hearts.
Gild the Lily owner Glenna McCormick, also founder of the county’s humane society, said the animal Christmas tree is a big fundraiser, gaining more than $2,000 worth of donations every year.
“They are just animal lovers,” McCormick said about those donating to the humane society. “They know the humane society takes care of all the animals in Auglaize County.
McCormick said the humane society has received approximately 40 letters so far this year.
Many of the donations given throughout the holidays are in dedication to animals which owners simply could not keep or have passed away.
McCormick said those donating are showing their appreciation for the services the humane society gives to the community.
“It’s a worthwhile project,” McCormick said. “It really makes a difference.”
Those interested in donating to the Auglaize County Humane Society’s tree should address envelopes to “Letters of Love,” P.O. Box 305, Wapakoneta, OH 45895.