Third-grader hopes to play sports in future

Basketball and golf run in the Hefner family and 9-year-old Jonathan Hefner is following suit.

The third-grader at Wapakoneta Elementary School lists his favorite hobbies as sports, specifically basketball and golf, but also football.

“I started playing golf when I was 3 with my grandpa,” said Jonathan, who says they continue to play together in the summer and are sometimes joined by his dad.

The son of Jennie and Jason Hefner said it was his father who taught him to play basketball.

“We play quite a bit at home,” said Jonathan, who also plays basketball at camps held at the school and at the YMCA.

He doesn’t play organized football, but joins his friends in backyard games whenever he can.

He’s a Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

“I’m a big fan of the Buckeyes,” said Jonathan, who for his seventh birthday got Tressel’s autograph.

The former OSU coach’s signed picture hangs on his bedroom wall.

“I still like him,” Jonathan said.

“It’s mostly the players fault what happened, not his, but he tried to cover it up.”

Jonathan has an older brother, Josh, who is 19, and a younger sister, Natalie, who is 5.

“I don’t enjoy being an older brother,” Jonathan said. “She messes with me.”

He said when he’s supposed to tell her to do something, she doesn’t always listen and she uses his stuff and hides it.

When he’s not outside kicking, hitting or throwing balls, Jonathan plays games inside, and loves a challenging round of Life or Monopoly with his mom or dad.

“I win sometimes,” Jonathan said.

At school, his favorite lessons are in math, where he really enjoys solving hard problems.

His least favorite subject is social studies because his mother had already taught him the lessons he’s learned so far.

As for food, Jonathan’s favorite meal is spaghetti.

“I like some spice, vegetables, sauce and garlic,” Jonathan said.

Musically, he likes electronic sound and some rock and rap.

“The Black Eyed Peas are pretty good,” Jonathan said. “I like Eminem, too. I’m really not supposed to listen to rap, but mom lets me some times. I try not to listen to the words.”

Jonathan has a goldfish he won at the Allen County Fair, but no other pets.

“My dad’s done with dogs and he never liked cats, that’s why I have a goldfish,” Jonathan said.

When he grows up, Jonathan said he’d like to carry on his love of sports as a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat, before which he’d like to play at Purdue University.

“They’ll pay some of your tuition and teach you better,” Jonathan said.

But to get there Jonathan said he realized it would take a lot of practice.