Third-grade student wants to be famous

CRIDERSVILLE — Dressed in pink lace, sequins and glittery shoes, a third-grader who writes her own songs admits that some day she wants to be famous.
Even as Jaci Glass struggled with the heels, she said she needed to practice walking in them because they were making her trip and this was an outfit she wanted to wear for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
The 9-year-old loves fashion, singing and dancing and says someday she hopes to be like her idols, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus, not only up on stage or on TV, but in magazines girls her age read.
Jaci said she gets most of her ideas on what to wear from celebrities, including fashion standout Lady Gaga, whom she sees in magazines.
“I really like their style,” Jaci said.
Of course, she doesn’t fail to notice the style of her favorite guy celebrity, Justin Bieber, who is featured in those magazines, too.
“I have a big time crush on him,” Jaci said. “He’s cute and a great singer. I like his hair and his face and that he’s a celebrity.
“When I grow up I want to be famous, too,” she said. “I want to be an actress or a pop or country singer and get on TV, be in magazines and on YouTube.”
“Go greased lighting...” Jaci starts to sing as she does the dance featured in her favorite movie “Grease” in the Cridersville Elementary School Library.
With a natural love of singing and dancing, Jaci said she’s already written a bunch of songs, which she keeps in her journal.
“I think they’re pretty good,” Jaci said, although she hasn’t shared them with anybody except her “very, very, very first best friend.”
Of course, like most artists, she said the songs came from her experiences.
“They’re about love, being in love and what happens after,” Jaci said. “I write about what happens in life.
“The first time ever I was in love was when I was 8,” she said. “He’s in my class this year, but he doesn’t like me any more and I still like him. Another boy always asks me out, but I don’t think about him so much.”
Twirling the red curls that frame her freckled face as her blue eyes twinkle full of life, Jaci said she’s a girlie girl who loves sparkly dresses, high-heeled shoes, peace signs and hearts, but also wishes she could be on the football team but says her mom is too afraid she would get hurt, so she cheerleads for the Warriors instead.
“It’s my first year cheerleading and I will do it again,” Jaci said. “I have to.”
She also just started playing basketball at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA.
The daughter of Kelly and Walter Glass, who lives in Wapakoneta, but attends Cridersville Elementary School, said she is glad to go where her mother did when she was her age.
“It’s a really nice school and all my friends go here,” Jaci said.
So far, her favorite parts of attending school there have been her second-grade teacher and science labs, especially the one when they made their very own bubbles.
“Last week, we had to use a toothpick to get chocolate chips out of a container and guess how many there were,” Jaci said of a recent lab experiment.
Jaci said when she’s not at school she likes to hang out with friends and that she loves cheerleading.
“I’ve always wanted to be in soccer, but I’ve never been able to,” Jaci said, explaining that the family has too much other stuff going on between her activities and those of her older brothers, Nick, 12, Alex, 10, and a younger sister, Kylie, 5.
Even with two brothers and a sister at home, Jaci said it’s better than having no siblings.
“Alex and me play wrestle,” Jaci said. “Kylie and I watch TV and Nick and I fight. I don’t really hang out with him that much, he eats my candy and takes my radio out of my room.”
Jaci’s love of fashion also keeps her constantly rearranging her bedroom and she’s got a long list of favorite foods from her mom’s cheese balls and spaghetti to popcorn and Reese’s Cups, which she “loves, loves, loves, loves to eat.”
But for Thanksgiving, there wasn’t much at the family feast that she wanted to eat.
“Peas, green beans and corn, yuck,” Jace said. “I hate mashed potatoes and gravy especially.”
She, of course, was thankful there was a cheeseball, and for everything else she had through the year — feathers in her hair, skinny jeans, cool shirts and candy.