Theatre Guild's spring production set

Members of the Wapakoneta Theatre Guild are preparing for their annual spring production — one that the director notes will be filled with laughter and a few surprises.

“A Night in the Theatre,” which is set to be performed on April 12, 13 and 14, and April 19, 20 and 21, focuses on four main characters — two couples.

“The entire play, which is written by Lawrence Casler, takes place in the audience of a theatre during a performance of ‘Hamlet,’ ” co-Director Ron Hesseling said. “During the performance, they are the type of theatre goers that have to be talking the entire time.”

The play is based around Margaret and Stanley Locker and their friends, Donna and Walter Pace.

Wapakoneta Theatre Guild Treasurer Joe Schlater and Janie Southard Rauh are playing one couple, and husband and wife, Lucy and Peter Noyes are playing the other couple.

The two couples are at the theatre for their weekly dose of culture. After they seat themselves with some confusion, the play consists of their chatter about themselves, their children and occasionally William Shakespeare’s play.

As these two couples distract other play-goers from hearing they play, secrets emerge and friendships unravel amid the audience’s laughter.

According to the synopsis, these couples may be recognized as the obnoxious people who sometimes sit behind one’s seat in a theatre.

Hesseling said the preparation for this production is going well.

“We have been in rehearsals since March 7,” Hesseling said. “Things are going great. There is good interaction going with various characters.”

Hesseling said this play is a comedy that is age-appropriate for no younger than adolescent. The Theater Guild is continuing its tradition of being a dinner theatre production.

“I think anyone will have an enjoyable time watching the play,” Hesseling said. “It’s a good, humorous play with a few surprises at the end.”

Hesseling said this is the first play he has helped direct for the Wapakoneta Theatre Guild, as he has been previously involved with the Encore Theatre in Lima.

Also co-directing the spring production is Vickie Bining.