Teen supports step-mom who is battling cancer

A teenage girl smiles as she watches locks of her shiny blonde hair being clipped and cut by her beautician.
Fifteen-year-old Lexi Osborn, of St. Marys, entered the boutique with her long blonde hair, but she wanted to get it cut off and her head shaved in honor of her step-mother, who is battling breast cancer.
“It feels unbelievable,” Lexi said, right after touching her head devoid of hair.
Beautician Lena Springer, of Mirror Image, in Wapakoneta, assisted Osborn with the process.
“We are so proud of you for what you are doing,” Springer said to Osborn at the salon on Thursday afternoon, when all her locks were cut off.
Lexi’s step-mother, Kristi Osborn, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatment.
“I wanted to do this to support her,” Lexi said. “She (her step-mother) has two little kids, and they will probably think it’s strange she is losing her hair, so I’m doing it with her.”
Lexi made a vow to her step-mother, who lives in Anna, that when she began to lose her hair, then she would have her hair shaved off, too, but what Kristi does not know is that Lexi went through with the process on Thursday.
“She will be completely surprised,” Lexi said while still stroking her head where her long locks were moments ago. “I said I would do it, but she doesn’t know I’m going through with it.”
As Lexi sat in the hair salon, she had a smile on her face the whole time. She said she wasn’t nervous at all.
But her mother, Jennifer Schmidt, grabbed extra tissues, as she watched her brave daughter support her family.
“I am very proud,” Schmidt said. “We all love Kristi a lot.”
Another member of her support system was her younger brother, Caleb, who came along to the salon with his sister and mother.
“You look like a princess,” Caleb told his sister, Lexi, as she looked into the mirror for the first time.
Lexi had 12 inches of hair cut off and that will be donated to Locks of Love, which is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.
Lexi said that her step-mother is doing well, although she has been tired lately from treatments.
“It take a lot of courage to do what she is doing,” Schmidt said of her daughter.