Students gain Indian insight

With a necklace of large, black bear claws fashioned to top off an ensemble of animal hides, beads and furs, no one in the Wapakoneta Middle School social studies class asked how “Bear Claw Jeb” gained his nickname. 
Also known as Jeff Hunlock, Bear Claw Jeb lectured to each fifth-grade social studies classes Friday and showed off his extensive collection on American Indian artifacts. 
With his unique style and attitude, the historian said he prefers to be known as Bear Claw Jeb, at least while he is in his native dress clothes. 
He said has been collecting American Indian artifacts since he was five years old. Stating how he “never really grew up,” he said he has always been fascinated with American Indian history.
Laid out in front of him during the lecture were many animal furs, flint blades, stone tools, among other artifacts.
“Anything I can acquire to add to my collection I do,” Bear Claw Jeb said, noting how the many artifacts he brought to show the class were not even a fraction of his collection.
For more information on the social studies class presentation, see the Monday, Nov. 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.