Student settles into routine at elementary

For one six-year-old at the Wapakoneta Elementary School, settling into the school routine was scary at first. However the kindergarten student of Abby Truesdale is settling into the day’s routine just fine, the young girl says.
“It was really hard getting used to it,” Avery Hudt said. “It took a while getting used to it.”
However, she said she may have had a little bit of an advantage getting used to school. The daughter of Karen and Josh Hudt said her mother works as a first grade teacher at Wapakoneta Elementary School and her grandmother works in the office.
That, she notes, has made her school experience a lot easier having someone familiar not far away. However, that also has made for an exciting prospect that does not happen with many kids in their school career.
“”I’m really hoping I get mom as a teacher,” Avery said. “I want to be in mom’s class.”
Avery has already taken on several hobbies in her young life. She started dance classes at The Dance Centre when she was only 3. Her classes primarily consist of tumbling right now, she said, and she plans on being in classes for a long time. Her instructor is Kelly Hawk.
“I like to practice at home,” Avery said. “We do a lot of tumbling. I like to practice doing backward kickovers and front rolls.”
Avery is the middle child of three. She has a 4-year-old brother Lincoln, and a 9-year-old sister, Riley, who is in the third grade. She said they bug her sometimes but that being a middle child is not as hard as it is made out to be.
“We play bowling a lot on the Wii,” Avery said, “and we play on my swingset. We have a lot of fun together.”
She noted her brother even takes the time to play with toys that she enjoys. Avery is quite fond of her extensive Barbie collection which includes many other dolls.
“He is a boy so he likes ‘boy’ stuff more,” Avery said. “He likes cars a lot, but sometimes he will play with my dolls with me. We have a lot of fun.”
Avery said her favorite doll in her collection is her Taylor Swift doll. Another favorite hobby is drawing.
Avery’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese. However, she enjoys trying other things too. They take family trips to the bowling alley in Wapakoneta, and her favorite places to go out to eat as a family include El Azteca and Chucky Cheese’s.
Avery said she enjoys getting tacos and rice at the Mexican restaurant.
Avery has become an expert swimmer for her age, and the family makes many trips to the municipal pool. One of her aunts also has a pool at her house.
“We swim a lot in the summer,” Avery said. “I can practice a lot at my aunt’s house.”
Avery said she likes the lifeguards at the pool, especially the girls, and that she is hoping she can be a lifeguard someday.
When asked if she could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, Avery gave quite a surprising response. While you would expect many kids to quickly say something like Disney World, her wishes were much simpler.
“I would like to maybe Kentucky or something,” Avery said.
However, her rationale made the wish easier to understand.
“Me and my brother are scared of planes,” Avery said. “It would have to be some place close so we can drive there.”