Student loves games, Doritos

As long as there are video games, “hot” Doritos and rap music, all is well in the life of a Wapakoneta 6-year-old.

Gavin Vaughn, who considers himself 7, even though his birthday isn’t until Sunday, said he plays games “all the time.”

He plays games on his Leapster Explorer, on the Wii and on an iPad he got for Christmas.

“There’s nothing else to do at my house,” Gavin said of games he plays, which range from Angry Birds to Number Bash and Skylanders.

One of his favorite games is about monkeys playing soccer, while another lets him create his own train track.

“I always liked to play games,” Gavin said. “I don’t like to go outside that much.”

He said he typically plays by himself, but at times, his father and younger brother, Gauge, 3, will join him.

The son of Lindsie and Chris Vaughn also has two younger sisters, 1-year-old twins, McKenzie and Zoey.

Gavin has discovered that being the oldest has its perks. He can ride a skateboard and go farther distances on his bike. Being nearly 7 also allows him to play more games.

“My dad says when I get older I may be able to play even more games,” said Gavin, who also wants to someday be able to wear his hat backward or sideways, something his parents have said he is not allowed to do.

“I’ll be a teenager when I am 13,” Gavin said holding up his fingers and already looking forward to the day.

While his younger brother is a bit of an aggravation at times, following him around, Gavin has discovered a trick for getting away from his little sisters.

“I go to the table where they can’t get me,” Gavin said.

He said even though they leave him alone most of the time, when he has chips or games or anything else they like, they will follow him around, too.

Not a fan of school, Gavin said he would rather be at home doing other things — like playing video games — but he would also like to try playing football, basketball, or wrestling, and maybe karate and hockey.

“I don’t really do any of that now,” Gavin said. “I do wrestle Gauge, but that’s not good practice because he is just 3 and I can beat him.”

A Wapakoneta Redskins football, basketball and wrestling fan, Gavin said he tries to go to a game whenever he can.

“I want to play for the Redskins someday,” Gavin said. “I don’t care what position. I just want to play the game.”