Street wish list: List to be pared down after costs become known

With the first five-year road construction plan nearly completed, a second five-year plan enters the infancy stages.

Wapakoneta City Council Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks Committee members  decided Wednesday to start developing a road reconstruction schedule for the next five years after learning the previous road construction plan is nearly complete.

“We discussed the idea of developing a second five-year plan today and tossed out a few streets we would like to see considered on a list being developed, but we haven’t driven any of the streets and submitted any streets officially for that list,” Councilor-at-large and Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks Committee Chair Dan Graf said after the meeting.

Graf said his committee members requested Engineering Superintendent Mary Ruck start developing a list of streets in need of reconstruction and repaving for the new list.

“Mary (Ruck) is going to develop a five-year plan of streets and bring it back to us and then we will review it and perhaps change it after we provide our input,” Graf said. “Of course, the public is welcome to attend and provide their input into the process, too. As councilors, it is our duty and obligation to listen to them and to have them provide input into the process.”

Graf explained the committee will start with “a wish list of streets for reconstruction and repaving and then we will adjust the list after talking with Finance Committee members.” He said the two committees work together to develop the final plan.

“Mary has to develop a wish list with the committee members’ approval and then put some construction costs to those projects on the wish list,” Mayor Rodney Metz told the Wapakoneta Daily News. “At this point, the two committees can start to whittle away the projects so that a working plan can be developed.”

Graf chimed in the final list is affected by the availability of grants so projects may appear or not appear on the final list or may move up in priority on the list because city administrators have learned state and federal funding is available.

“There are certain streets which can qualify for grants and we need to check if the grants are still available,” Graf said. “We want to leverage as many local dollars as we can depending on if there needs to be sewer separation or if the street is in a low to moderate income area. If the project calls for only an asphalt overlay, there likely will not be any grant money at all.”

The final two streets on the current five-year plan are the East Benton Street reconstruction project set for this summer and the East Auglaize Street reconstruction project set for the summer of 2013 and 2014.

The East Benton Street reconstruction bids came in under the engineer’s estimate by more than $100,000. The engineer’s estimate to reconstruct the street was $900,000. A state Issue 1 capital improvement grant was to provide $330,485 toward the construction.

The low bid of $779,680 came from Shinn Brothers. of Celina, There were eight bids received by the city.

She still anticipates work starting in March with the project being completed in late July or early August. During the project, traffic will be detoured to East Pearl Street.

This 2012 reconstruction project, which includes replacing water, sanitary and stormwater sewer lines as well as lateral lines, is a full-depth reconstruction of the street from Water Street to the CSX railroad tracks.

The East Auglaize Street is estimated to cost $2.1 million to reconstruct the street with another $559,680 to be spent on streetscape improvements. The reconstruction project extends from the CSX railroad tracks to Wood Street and is set to be bid in late 2012.

State and federal grants have been received for road reconstruction and streetscape beautification.

The Ohio Department of Transportation evaluated the Bellefontaine Street project and “gave the project a passing grade,” Graf said.