Stores strive to make returns easier

Christmas has come and gone, but for some stores holiday gifts may be returned throughout the next month.

Making returns can sometimes be a challenge, but stores like Lowe’s try to make things as easy as possible for customers.

According to store manager David Muri, his staff does as much as they can to make the process easy for customers returning gifts.

“We just try to make the process as efficient as possible and provide the best customer service we can for our customers,” Muri said.

Muri said one thing Lowe’s does to make things easier for returns is the MyLowe’s program.

“That is pretty much the kind of go to program that we have to make it efficient for customers regardless of whether you have a receipt or not,” Muri said. “If you have an activated MyLowe’s card and have it scanned at every transaction we can pull that information up.”

Depending on how items were originally purchased will determine how customers will be compensated. At Lowe’s if you received something as a gift you will get store credit to put toward something else.

Muri said the Lowe’s return policy is pretty flexible.

“Pretty much if you don’t have a receipt we’ll take it without the receipt,” he said. “We have a pretty customer friendly return policy.”

He said as long as all of the pieces and parts are returned there is typically no issue with accepting returns.

For the full story, see the Saturday, Dec. 28 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.