Stepson testifies in Wycuff trial

Charles Wycuff mugshot
Staff Writer

Charles Wycuff's 30-year-old former stepson gave his testimony in court Wednesday at the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. It marked the second day of the State of Ohio vs. Charles Wycuff case.

At the request of prosecutor Angela Canepa, who is also of the Ohio Attorney General's Office, the witness spoke of the abuse, both physical and verbal, he began receiving when he was around the age of four. This was around the time he moved in with his mother, Lori Anderson, and Wycuff.

Over the years, the abuse continued and eventually escalated to include sexual abuse, he said. He alleges he was raped by Wycuff on several occasions and made to engage in incest with Anderson more than once. The sexual abuse continued on through the witness' high school years, ending several months before his high school graduation, he told the court.

The case continues today and is expected to go into next week.