State bound 'Skins: Swimmers sprint their way to State


BOWLING GREEN —  Nine Redskin swimmers have made their mark in the Wapakoneta history books and are heading to the State Meet in Canton, Ohio.

The Girls 200 Free Relay, the Girls 400 Free Relay, the Boys 200 Free Relay and an individual from the Girls 100 and 50 Free, have all qualified for spots at the State Meet.

“We’ve been trying to build the last few years, to have a boys and girls relay both go, that’s kind of huge for us,” said Mark Law, Wapakoneta swim coach. “We’re trying to get swimming to be a bigger sport here in Wapak.”

The members of the Girls 200 Free Relay are Josie Miller. Taylor Law, Taylor Hager and Sierra Sammons.

The members of the Girls 400 Free relay are the same, sub in Stephanie Kessen for Hager.

“What’s nice about this team, is that they’ll all be back next year,” Mark Law said. “It’s nice to have Josie Miller leading off for us, she finished 6th in the state in the 50 Free last year.”

Mark Law said he was excited about this years’ chances, and the chances in the future.

“Our girls team should be pretty strong for these next two-three years,” Mark Law said.

The members of the Boys 200 free relay are Nate Hager, Charlie Sutton, Ryan Greve and Brandon Christler.

“Nate and Brandon have some experience in Canton from two years ago, and it’s nice to get Ryan there, another senior, down there with them,” Mark Law said. “Charlie Sutton is just a freshman, and is really along for the ride. He’s going to be a great swimmer, but he’s lucky to have this group of seniors with him.”

While some of the team has been to the State Meet in years past, last year the only member of Wapakoneta at the State Meet was Josie Miller.

Miller finished in sixth in the 50 Free, and she has qualified for it again this year in addition to the 100 Free.

“Josie qualified 11th last year and finished 6th, this year she is 13th,” Mark Law said. “Once you get there, anything can happen in that 50 Free. It’s a good start a good turn and a good finish.”

Mark Law said the biggest thing is to be able to string two good swims back to back at the State Meet.

“The thing about Josie is her last three swims last year were all personal bests,” Mark Law said. “Hopefully she can do that again this year.”

Mark Law also added that this hard work is now paying off for the Redskins. 

“Swimming is kind of an individual sport, but it is also very much a team sport,” Mark Law said. “People don’t realize the kind of work they put in all season long.”