St. Marys voters OK school levy

Teresa Dowling
Staff Writer

Ballots have been cast, counted and the residents of the St. Marys City School District have had their say.

And the result is, "yes."

By a vote of 55.7 percent (3,082) to 44.3 percent (2,451) voters passed the proposed 1 percent earned income tax to fund the school district. The $2.6 million annually generated by the levy will be used to fund operating expenses for the four school buildings and marks the first new money the school has received since 2004 when an emergency property tax went into effect.

The district attempted a 1.5 percent earned income tax in May, which failed 59 percent to 40 percent.

"Our community and our school, there's a lot of really really great things that we should all be proud of with our school and those come from our students and our academic, our arts and athletics and there's just a lot of stuff that we can and should be proud of," Superintendent Bill Ruane said.

With the levy's passage, programs that were on the proposed "cut list" are in a much more secure position. Those programs — such as ag, industrial arts, music, art and physical education — are part of what makes St. Marys students whole, Ruane said.

"As we said before we have students with various interests and talents and it will allow us to keep a lot of the programs that are the reason why a lot of students come to school everyday and why they learn," he added.

The new funds also...

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