St. Lawrence offers shot at fun afternoon

Staff Writer

One of St. Lawrence Catholic Church's favorite events is coming up this weekend, and they're offering up a shot at a turkey–literally.

The 47th annual Rhine Turkey Shoot will be held this Sunday following the morning's service, and brings back the namesake event.

With 10 shooters per round, the most-accurate with the 12 gauge shot gun will head home with a prize turkey.

But there won't just be one lucky winner.

Gregg Gooding, co-chairman of the event, says that they'll likely have over 70 rounds of shooting.

"It brings in people from all over," Gooding said. "Not just Wapakoneta and Jackson Center. We get shooters from Botkins, Lima, even Indian Lake."

And that's good news for one of the four churches in the Petersburg Parish.

"It all goes to the general maintenance, the general expenses of the church," Gooding said. "It's one of our biggest fundraisers of the year."

But the party's not just for sharpshooters, as they have a little bit of...

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