St. Joe Festival

One young mother traveled to Wapakoneta on Thursday to share her memories of the St. Joe Festival with her children.
Megan Mottet, of Marysville, who grew up as a parish member of St. Joseph Church, brought her two boys, Brice, 3, and Xavier "Zeke" Mottet, 1, to the festival for the first time.
"This is a special something for me to bring my kids back to, to say 'this is a part of me,'" Motett said. "In Marysville, there's not really a part of my roots. But this is a part of my roots that I can bring them back to and share with them."
Megan said she remembers spending time with her family, eating fair food and playing the famous fishing pole game on the fair grounds.
Although the festival itself was memorable, she said the St. Joseph parishioners were what truly bring home the memories of her past.
"The folks at St. Joe were instrumental to my development in my faith," Megan said, noting that she converted at St. Joseph in her youth.
She said she hopes to continue making the St. Joseph Festival a tradition in her family.
"This is my first time back in a couple of years, but the (children) are old enough now that this will probably become a regular occurrence," Megan said.
Megan said she noticed many features of the festival that have remained the same as she remembered, but also some elements that have changed. She said she appreciated the "Freedoms Colors Military Honors" display.
"That was really neat to see. I don't remember that from times past," Megan said. "That was really nice thing to tie it in to Fourth of July and remember all the men and women who sacrificed and gave their time, mental health, or even their lives so that we can do this and feel safe."