'Spitballing' with Lackey

The title of a new book focuses on the life of a turn-of-the-century baseball player, but its author says it is so much more than a biography about an athlete.
Long-time newspaper reporter, columnist and editor Mike Lackey, who spent 36 years writing sports for The Lima News, penned a 368-page book about the life of Auglaize County resident Bob Ewing in the book, “Spitballing: The Baseball Days of Long Bob Ewing.”
“Most of the book deals with Bob Ewing’s successful major league career and the years he primarily spent with the Cincinnati Reds,” Lackey told approximately 20 people gathered Monday in St. Paul United Church of Christ for an Auglaize County Historical Society event, “but the book is also about small towns and life in small towns and baseball in small towns.”
Lackey wove tales about a young Ewing who started pitching professionally in 1897 and in the major leagues from 1902 to 1912.
For more information, see the Tuesday, Nov. 12 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.