Special gifts on display on birthday

On her 12th birthday, one local girl did not get to celebrate her special day until she shared her special gifts.

Alison Niemeyer, the daughter of Tracy and Darren Niemeyer, manned her booth Saturday at the Wapakoneta Noon Optimists Craft Show. Alison has her own line of scarves, pins, bows and knitted caps along with other items — all a part of Ali’s Adorable Accessories.

She decided to develop her own gifts after she her brother’s girlfriend gave her a hair bow that her sister made “and I thought it was really cool and made one myself and then it turned into so much more. I made my business from that and all of this just kind of happened,” Alison said.

After school and after doing her homework until 9 p.m. and before getting ready for bed, the reason Alison said she likes working so much is her business “suits me.”

“I always wanted to look for my talent and I feel this is my talent,” Alison said. “I love when people tell me that this is so beautiful or this is so pretty because it makes me feel good about what I have done and about myself. I want to keep doing this and I actually want to turn this into an actual business.”

For Alison, she picks up ideas wherever she can find them and even ventures onto the Internet to learn some of the latest trends.

For all her work, Alison credits her “creativity” and “imagination” and “what is new and what is in style.”

She sells bracelets, necklaces and hair bands, “which you tie in the back so it is always the perfect size and you can pick your favorite colors.”

This is her second show. Her first was in late August at the KAPOW car show.

For Alison, she balances her hobby with school. She continues to get all “A’s” at school and still finds time to serve as the treasurer of the school’s DARE program.

“She really loves what she is doing,” her mother said. “Today (Saturday) is her birthday and this is what she really wants to do, she wants to be here. I like it because she learns the value of hard work and dealing with money.”

For Alison, it is all about making dreams come true.