Soup keeps 'em coming back every year

Cindy Sneary
Staff Writer

There's nothing quite like a hot bowl of mock turtle soup on a steamy, sweaty, Labor Day weekend afternoon.

No, really.

At least that's the case in Fryburg, anyway.

For the 128th year, St. John Catholic Church in the small Auglaize County town held their annual Homecoming celebration, which traditionally takes place on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and features the signature dish.

"Everyone comes for the turtle soup. You'd think as hot as it is today, people wouldn't be eating turtle soup, but it's going like crazy," this year's event chair Cindy Koenig said. "We're known for the turtle soup and people come just for that. We make four big kettles, and we always sell out."

But the celebration is more than just soup.

Homecoming kicked off on Saturday with...

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