SOCCER: Season over, a tough pill to swallow


Fans of the Wapakoneta boys soccer team lined the entrance to the field to form a tunnel, cheering on the team as they left the field.

They would have liked to have been celebrating a victory over Elida Monday night.

Instead, they were celebrating the end of a season.

The Redskins fell to the Bulldogs at Ryan Field Monday night. 2-1, in the first game of sectional play.

“How you win the game is you put the ball in the net, and we didn’t,” said varsity head coach Marc Dyrness after the game. “We had multiple, multiple opportunities. We didn’t get it done. They got their two goals. They won.”

And the Redskins did have multiple opportunities, as they recorded 12 shots in the contest, seven of which were on target.

The one goal that did get past for the ‘Skins was a goal by senior Travis Bertram off an assist from Sam Hinegardner. 

The Redskins have struggled to score goals all year long, and in the first game of sectionals, Dyrness said their play was not going to get it done.

“The season was indicative of this game,” Dyrness said. “We’ve been competitive all the way through, the bottom line is you have to score.”

At halftime, the score was tied at one. In addition to Bertram’s goal for Wapakoneta, Adam Ordel scored in the first half of the contest.

Ten minutes into the second half, Gaerid Litter of Elida added the second, and game-deciding goal.

Matt Ewing, goalie for Wapakoneta, finished the evening with seven saves. Elida recorded 12 total shots, nine on target.

Dyrness said the Redskins had momentum going into the sectional play, probably playing the best soccer of the year.

“We finished out pretty good, we had some good games, we found the net a few times,” Dyrness said. “But it wasn’t enough. We weren’t able to put it together here.”

Dyrness, obviously disappointed after the game, felt like this was one they should have had.

“Right now I gotta get of this, it’s a sour pill, it’s a game we should have won,” Dyrness said. “You can ask any one of those guys, we should have won this game. We did what we were supposed to do, but we didn’t score. We had multiple opportunities to do it. I’ve got to get over this first, then I can start looking to other things.”

A group of seniors, 10 in all, have seen their final game as a Wapakoneta Redskins. Dyrness said they have left a mark on the program.

“It’s another group of seniors that came through here, great kids, they will go on and do great things,” he said. “They are part of this family, and they are welcome back, and they know they are welcome back, and they will go on and do great things and be great representatives for this school and this community.”