Skating queen: Local finds love on ice

For a local 10-year-old Wapakoneta Elementary School fourth-grader a routine practice has turned into a new obsession.
With the elementary children taking class trips to go roller skating a couple times a year, Lacey Dietrick found her niche.
“The schools take the kids on a roller skating day every year,” said Lacey’s mother, Treasa Detrick. “Lacey quickly got very good at it. We were surprised at how fast she picked it up. She was a very good roller skater.”
The daughter of Treasa and Wayland soon wanted to take the next step and skate competitively. The only problem was, there was no place close that offered lessons for students wishing to skate in competitions. The family then learned of the Troy Skating Club at Hobart Arena, which is affiliated with U.S. Figure Skating.
Lacey began taking lessons at the ice rink a little more than a year ago, under the coaching of Glenn Replogle. It didn’t take her long to catch on.
“Roller skating was big when I was young,” Treasa Detrick said. “It’s not as popular as it used to be, so we found the ice skating club in Troy.”
After a year of practicing, Lacey finally decided it was time to enter her first competition in the Troy Skating Club 36th annual Summer Skate Championship held July 7-10.
The family was just hoping Lacey could make a good showing in her first competition as she competed in the Basic Skills-Basic 2 class.
In the competition Lacey entered, skaters must have either been training or passed a test at a Basic 2 level. The competition included a forward foot glide on either foot, forward 2-foot swizzles (6 to 8 in a row), a 2-foot turn in place (forward to backward), a moving snowplow stop, and forward alternating one-half swizzle pumps in a straight line.
“They started naming the winners at sixth place,” Treasa Detrick said. “We kept waiting to hear her name. They got up to second place and we didn’t hear her name. We didn’t think she was going to get anything.”
However, once they got to the first place award, Lacey was named as the winner.
“Our whole family was stunned,” Treasa Detrick said.
In one short year, Lacey has now secured her first competitive championship of what will likely be many.
“It was my first time and I was really excited,” Lacey said. “I was really surprised when I won. Someday I want to get in even bigger competitions. I’m going to try my best.”
Lacey travels to Troy twice a week, practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays.
She plans to make ice skating a career.
“I want to do it for a really long time,” Lacey said. “I want to keep doing it until I die. I practice really hard and it is a lot of fun.”
Lacey’s mother said that they are happy that their daughter has found something that she enjoys.
“It is something she is going to stick with because she enjoys it,” Treasa Detrick said. “She says it is her life.”