Singsation a sensation

For Wapakoneta High School seniors Wyatt Harrison and Austin Drake Singsation has been a large portion of their lives for the past four years.

As the only four-year participants in the show choir group, Harrison said he couldn’t ask for more from this year’s experience.

“I would say that this year we have really come together. I think that our show, with this group is really amazing,” Harrison said. “From my freshman year we weren’t really excellent, sophomore year we were getting there, junior year it was getting much better and this year, it’s honestly the best year I could have asked for.”

Singsation director Tim Smith explained that this year was only his second year with the group so he wanted to try out some new competitions and figure out what he likes the best and what suits Singsation the best.

“We tried a lot of new competitions this year,” Smith said. “I kind of wanted to go to as many different places as I can to see what I really like.”

For the full story on WHS Singsation, see the Friday, March 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.