Sidewalks Main topic in Buckland

BUCKLAND — With the village expected to receive $230,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money in the future, Buckland Village Council members continue to mull over how to spend the money to improve Main Street.
Councilors discussed with no action taken if they should use the money solely for curbs and gutters or should the village use some of the money to pay to replace sidewalks along Main Street. They also discussed if the village had enough money to replace the sidewalks itself or if property owners should pay part of or all of the sidewalk replacement.
“We have a lot of people in the village who enjoy walking and we have a lot of people who walk pushing strollers down Main Street and we have a lot of truck traffic during the day so it would be nice if they didn’t have to walk on a bumpy sidewalk or near the edge of the street,” Mayor Dan Lambert said after the meeting. “Replacing the sidewalks is really all about safety, while replacing the curb and gutter is to keep water from getting into the tree lawn.”
Lambert said the village received an engineer’s estimate of $273,600 from Choice One Engineering to install curbs, gutters and storm sewers along Main Street.
Lambert solicited an estimate from a local contractor that 50-linear feet of sidewalk, 4-feet wide would cost approximately $800. The mayor examined the sidewalk along Main Street and said 2,200-linear feet of sidewalk needed replaced, which he estimated would cost approximately $35,000. He estimated it would cost approximately $60,000 to replace all the sidewalks on both sides along Main Street, but he would request an estimate from a contractor to obtain a more accurate member.
Lambert also would contact Village Solicitor Jim Hearn regarding if CDBG money could be used to share the cost with the village or with property owners of replacing the sidewalks. According to information the mayor obtained, if the CDBG money is used for the sidewalks then the village would be responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk when it needed replaced in the future.
He also advised councilors an Auglaize County commissioner and a representative from Choice One would be in attendance at the September village council meeting to review what items could be covered by CDBG money. The CDBG application can be modified to include items associated with the primary objective.
Lambert said at present councilors want to replace the sidewalk the entire length of Main Street to make sure it is uniform, but the mayor told the Wapakoneta Daily News it is likely they will have multiple packages for contractors to bid on so councilors have options in regard to awarding a contract to replace the sidewalk.
The next Buckland Village Council meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 at the Buckland Village Community Center.