Showing off home inspirations

The Women’s Civic League of Wapakoneta hosted the third annual “Showcase of Homes,” an event where three Wapakoneta homes opened their doors to the community for a view of the interior remodeling and designs.
WCL member Edna Rayburn said each of the three showcased houses coincidentally were featured in the garden showcase held earlier in the year. Since guests had an outside view, many came back for a view inside the house, as well.
She said the popularity of the event is also due to many guests being acquainted with the homeowners, so they know their artistic abilities. She explained many people come out of an interest in getting new ideas for decorating and remodeling their own homes. 
All proceeds from the showcase go toward the Women’s Civic League’s “Karing for Kids” project, which helps support underprivileged children in the district. The organization funds many needs for local children, and hopes to help them be “a part of” rather than “apart from” his or her peers.
For more information on the "Showcase of Homes" event, see the Monday, Nov. 11 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.