'Showcase' helps enhance learning

Through the effort of two sisters, Cridersville Elementary School students took advantage Wednesday of seeing animals native to the area that they may not ever get the chance to see in the wild in their lifetime.
Filling two large glass showcases are taxidermy mounts of animals from the area, including grouse, pheasants, a turkey, bobwhite, duck, deer, raccoon, squirrel, beaver, coyote, and red and gray fox.
The animals — which belong to Ron Fischer, of Buckland, Steve Gross, a second-shift custodian at the school, and the Gallery of Nature, in Bluffton — are on display in the cases throughout the month of November and was organized by Laura Hadding and Candy Jackson, both paraeducators at the school.
“They all can be found in Ohio and most of them in this area, but most of the kids have never seen them up close and they are not animals you can find in the zoo,” Jackson said.
For more information, see the Thursday, Nov. 14 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.