Shopping for dad

From neck ties to electronics, people are out shopping for the perfect gift for their father for Father’s Day, but local children have something different in mind.
“I’m making him a bunch of cards,” six-year-old Natalie Hefner said. “Me and my brother (Jon) are hiding the cards in his bedroom.”
Natalie said she plans to spend Father’s Day with her dad, Jason, and take him somewhere special.
“My dad really likes basketball and golfing,” Natalie said. “We like to play basketball on the Wii, and I always win. My dad watches me play (basketball) sometimes.”
When Natalie was asked what was special about her father, she replied instantly.
“He loves me,” Natalie said with a smile.
Hand-made gifts are becoming popular amongst local youth, as sisters Hanna and Audrey Sparks said they made a present for their father in school.
“I made him a present at school,” six-year-old Audrey said. “We made stuff for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.”
The gift she made for her father, Mike, is handmade with a special note inside.
Audrey said her favorite thing to do with her father is to play basketball outside on the court at her house.
Another activity that Audrey likes to do with her father is help him with a specific type of yard work activity.
“He lets us take rides on the mower when he mows grass,” Audrey said with excitement.
Eight-year-old Hanna said she likes doing something else.
“I like to play tickle monster with him,” Hanna said.
Hanna said that she and her father, who are avid Ohio State Buckeye fans, have the same favorite colors — red and grey.
Hanna said that she wants to take her father out to eat to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday.
Both of the girls said that their father is very special to them.
“He’s special because of all the kind things he does for us,” Audrey said.
Third-grader Ryan Kinstle said he is not for sure what he will be getting his father yet.
“I want to get him a card and something else, but I am not sure what,” Ryan said. “I’m going to go out and buy it with my mom.”
For Father’s Day, Ryan said his family might go out to eat at a restaurant.
Ryan and his father, Mike, enjoy playing basketball at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA together.
When asked what Ryan’s favorite thing about his father was, he, too, said, “He loves me.”
“He does a lot for me,” Ryan said of the importance of Father’s Day. “It’s important to recognize that.”
Five-year-old Collin Dyrness said he and his father, Mark, like to play basketball and go swimming.
“One time, my brother hit him in the head, really hard, with a basketball,” Collin said. “It was bleeding and he had to put a Band-Aid on it.”
Collin said that when he and his father go swimming, they either go to the Wapakoneta WaterPark or the YMCA, and they like going down the “big, red slide” and splash water at each other in the pool.
Collin said that his father does a lot for him, and they spend a lot of time together.
“Sometimes we eat snacks at the YMCA, and sometimes we go to Chuck-E-Cheese’s, and we play games,” Collin said.
For Father’s Day, Collin said he is going to help his father plant trees.
“We are going to help daddy plant a tree at the house and at the YMCA,” Collin said, of his father, who is an employee at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA. “That’s what we will do.”