Separate entity: Miracle Meal Inc. has received non-profit status

After 16 years of working alongside with Mercy Unlimited, a local organization decided to form a separate entity to preserve the future of an annual event.

Miracle Meal Inc. has now received their own non-profit tax status from the IRS as a public charity. Miracle Meal Inc. now has its own board of directors who are the primary organizers and operators of the event.

“This is our 17th year, and we thought to make sure it goes on in the future, we need to be our own entity and create a board,” Miracle Meal Inc. President Rollie Kent said.

Mercy Unlimited will still help out with the meal each year, but it was mutually decided to form a separate entity to preserve the future of the organization.

The attendance of the annual Miracle Meal is approximately 500 people.

Kent noted the event grows each and every year and through the years has been successful.

“This is a program that many volunteers in the area look forward to as an opportunity of giving back to the community,” the board of directors said in a news release. “The evening gives our friends and neighbors an opportunity of hearing the message of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and enjoy fellowship, a wonderful meal and gifts for the children.”

The new Board of Directors consists of Kent, Vice President Kim Chenoweth, Secretary Mary Klock, Treasurer Millie Jones, Stanley Jones, Cindy Meyers and Alex Rompilla.

This event gives people the opportunity to have a nice Christmas meal, a Christmas message, door prizes and gifts for the children.

The Miracle Meal is a way to give those a chance to celebrate the holiday and help them enjoy a meal and presents, in which they might not have, and also gives opportunity for fellowship and giving people a spiritual uplift.

In addition, Miracle Meal Inc. purchases gifts for the children from infants to 17, who are pre-registered with Mercy Unlimited.

“Not only does it help the people who come, but it gives the people of Wapakoneta a chance to serve,” Kent said.

Churches, along with area residents, help keep this event going by donating their money and time to this event.

Anyone is welcome to donate to the annual meal, by making checks payable to Miracle Meal Inc., and sending them to P.O. Box 33, Wapakoneta.

“Donations are greatly needed as the organization continues this very successful and needed Christmas project,” Kent said.